Maia Mellier is a multidisciplinary Visual Artist. BA Hons in Visual Arts Practice. Her work encompasses innovative immersive sound installations, video, photography, light sculpting & currently she is exploring her conceptual ideas through sound, AI & creative coding. 
"For me Art is about marking a moment - expressing & creating culture. Being on the edge of emergent technologies that are moulding & changing our lives is a fascinating place to be as an artist. I'm interested in the human element in our merging & evolving relationship with technology. I see us reflected in our devices the way our biology is reflected in the workings of plants & the intricate tiny atoms that make up everything around us. We are a part of our ecosystem as is the technology we are creating."​​​​​​​

From the Shaman Chronicles

"Observing moments of change and the realizations that come from that change is woven into my work. When mapped backwards echos of the future can be found like clues along the path that were guiding us all along."
Maia Mellier
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